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Accredited training, practical workshops and resources to demystify meditation

  • Unlock the skills to improve your mindfulness
  • Enhance your meditation practice
  • Learn how to teach meditation


Inside Meditation is a modern school of neutral thought based in London directed by experienced meditation tutor and therapist Alexander Filmer-Lorch. We use pioneering teaching methods and workshops to help you clarify and demystify the process of meditation so that you can apply it in your everyday life.

Our practical meditation and stress management workshops will help you to achieve your full potential. If you are already an established practitioner we have developed the first accredited teacher training course to take your meditation career and practice to the next level. We also offer private tuition and therapy sessions.


Teacher Training
Online Learning
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"Meditation is to experience life in a new way - that is, life as a means and not as an end. Through meditation one gradually becomes present to one's own presence, which ultimately leads to the realisation that there is no aim in meditation apart from just to 'Be' in meditation. To 'Be' in meditation means waking up to the notion that meditation is as much about dying as it is about living, or as much about life as it is about death, henceforward you die to your mind and thoughts that are subject to change, and become alive to what is permanent within, hence not subject to change."

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"Alex leads by example. His enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. He has thoroughly researched, implemented and experienced the processes of meditation from both Eastern and Western perspectives. His ability to communicate his experiences clearly and with passion is admirable. One always leaves his presence refreshed and with a different outlook on life situations. We are very much looking forward to his writings and continuing this journey with his teachings."
Pashenka Gribbin and Nick Cervonaro, yoga teachers